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Frank Lloyd Wright

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kitchen: The Rebirth

Well, I finally made it over the hump! All of the old stuff is gone and most of the major new things are in or on the way.

You can see that my youngest daughter is quite happy to have a kitchen again! The new Medallion cabinets are installed as well as the hex tile countertops and subway tile backsplash. We chose the Medallion Sonoma cabinets in cherry, with the Chestnut finish. I even got to practice my finish carpentry skills by making a new window stool.

This is a view of what used to be the original utility chimney and a ratty old pantry with a heating duct running through it. I removed both, pushed the wall back 18" and added L-shaped cabinets and counters. I now have 2 ducts running through the new wall up to the top floor.

The refrigerator is a Big Chill unit that we absolutely love!

This is the main view into the kitchen from the dining room. It's getting pretty close to done, but I still need to install the new door and window casings and finish the crown moulding. All of the trim will be painted white. The cheapo electric range will be replaced with a vintage O'Keefe & Merritt 36" range. The range hood is a Vent-a-Hood 9" high Excalibur model.


  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking for someone to fix up an old okeefe and merrit we bought and saw your post about replacing your current stove with an old one. Do you happen to know of anyone in portland who works on old stoves? I'm having trouble finding anyone. By the way, your house looks familiar. Do you live in the Hollywood neighborhood?

  2. Danielle,

    I haven't had mine refurbished yet, but there is a place just up the road that I am going to have look at it. I think it's called Appliance City (not really sure on that...). It's on 57th just North of Fremont.

    I'm not in Hollywood, but pretty close. I'm on 58th, which is technically in Rose City Park.

  3. Thanks so much Joe! I'll give them a call. We're in Hollywood on 37th, so we're almost neighbors. Best of luck with your house. You're doing an amazing job.

  4. Great chronicle on your house.

    Curious how you like your cabinets and what finish you used? Where did you buy them from?

  5. Evrim,

    I love the cabinets. They are made by Medallion and I got them from North Pacific Supply. The style is "Sonoma", they are cherry, and the finish is called "Chestnut".

  6. This all looks great. Fantastic work.

    I've got to ask about your range hood. I'm considering buying that exact model -- it's a contender along with a few others. My questions:
    1) how are you venting it? Where is the pipe? There appears to be no pipe up through the cabinet.
    2) did you get one blower or two? I am looking at the one blower model. How does it work in real life? Function, noise, etc.
    3) did you consider any other range hoods? If so, which ones?

    Much appreciated,

  7. Tom,

    Hooking up the vent is still on my to-do list, so I can't really comment on how well it works or how quiet it is.

    I have the single blower model.

    I did not consider any other models. I saw a picture of this hood matched with the same vintage stove I'm refurbishing and I was sold.

    The stove sits on an outside wall, so there will be a 90-degree elbow in the cabinet that vents out the wall.