Frank Lloyd Wright Quote

"Form follows function-that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union"

Frank Lloyd Wright

Home Improvement Books

Here are my book reviews of each volume on the Home Improvement shelf in my library.

The Complete Guide to Plumbing

Part of Black & Decker's series of "complete guides", I find this to be the definitive reference when it comes to plumbing around the house.  The book is printed on thick stock, high gloss paper and contains copious amounts of pictures.  The photography is very well done, with many cut-away views and lots of clear labels.  The book covers everything from cast iron to PEX, supply and waste sides of the plumbing system, as well as most plumbing fixtures, from garbage disposals to jetted tubs.  Besides the electrical book, this one is the most referenced in my library.

Stanley Complete Wiring

Stanley's "Complete" series of home improvement books runs neck-and-neck with Black & Decker's as far as quality goes. The Stanley books seem to have more real-world photography, and may go into more detail, but I don't like some of the hand-drawn sketches. This is a very good book, probably the one I use the most. If you plan on doing ANY wiring, this book is a good investment.

Stanley Complete Trimwork and Carpentry

As the owner of a craftsman style bungalow, I understand the importance of the millwork in an old house, so before I set out on my first trim project I got this book. This is an excellent reference for all types of trimwork, including examples of styles you would find in Arts & Crafts houses as well as current homes. If you are new to finish carpentry, you will soon realize that the quality of the finished job is only as good as the wall underneath. Stanley's Complete Trimwork & Carpentry tells you how to properly build a wall so that installing the trim will go much smoother and look better. It covers a myriad of techniques for coping with problem scenarios, not to mention the fine art of coping an inside miter joint. If you plan on doing baseboards, crown moulding, or anything in between, I highly recommend this book.