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Frank Lloyd Wright

Monday, December 22, 2008

Craigslist To The Rescue

If you've been following this blog you already know we got a LOT of snow in Portland this week (over a foot so far). Normally in Portland if you ignore the snow long enough it will just go away. That's what I've been hoping for all week, but to no avail. We got another 5" overnight with more on the way. With time quickly running out to finish the Christmas shopping, I figured I had better give-in and get some chains for the car so I can get out on the roads. Of course by now every auto parts store in the area is out of chains that fit my car. As a last-ditch effort I resorted to craigslist. To my surprise I found a guy fairly close to me who offered to deliver the chains to my door! On top of that he was asking far less than the retail price of the chains. His name is Jose Mesa and he's an auto wholesaler here in Portland. I figured since he helped me out I'd post a link to his website: I've never bought a car from him but he seems like a good guy so look him up if you're looking for a car.

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  1. I was surprised to read that OR still allows chains. My dad and I were waxing fondly about chains & studded tires, but they have been outlawed here since the 70s. On those really bad days, we miss them (not putting them on though).