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"Form follows function-that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union"

Frank Lloyd Wright

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cabinet Hardware is installed

Choosing the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls was the most difficult decision we made in this whole poject. It was tough finding something that tied together the original bungalow style with the modern elements in the kitchen. We ultimately decided on Belwith-Keeler's Bungalow Satin collection.

The knobs are the 1-3/4" long, P2151-SN,and the pulls are drilled for both 3" and 96mm centers, P2153-SN.Many of the online cabinet hardware stores carry Belwith-Keeler, but I picked mine up at my local Lowes for about the same price as the online stores charge after shipping and handling.
The hardware is of good quality and has properly finshed surfaces not only on the outer faces for appearance, but on the inner faces for comfort while you are pulling on them. The rectangular knobs even have two little points cast into them that grab the wood to prevent the installed knob from turning. This is a big help since the rectangular shape of the knobs really accentuates any misalignment.


  1. Great choice, it really finishes the look!

  2. Incredible! I also like your fridge. Did you buy it new?

  3. Yes, the fridge was new last year. I got it from