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Frank Lloyd Wright

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Wall for Cabinets

I decided to remove the old utility chimney that came up from the basement all the way through the roof. This not only gave us extra floor space on 3 levels, but it gave me a great excuse to get a new 95% efficient gas furnace.

This shows where the old wall was. The plywood on the left is covering the hole left by the chimney. The space on the right was a built-in pantry that had an asbestos-lined heating duct running through it. Hot asbestos does not go well with Wheaties.

The new wall was pushed back 18" and now contains two ducts running upstairs.

I also added outlets for countertop recepticles and under/over cabinet lighting.

Two ducts run upstairs and one turns out and runs under the cabinets. I used a bag of level-quick to bring the floor up to level with the original subfloor.

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  1. Looking at your pictures, I have to say that you were much smarter in how you handled this than I was. While we did the same basic thing (remove chimney, gain space), I like what you did with the ductwork. My mistake was just leaving a cavity for future ducts. Now I still have to go back and add them, which is going to be a very tedious process. Nice job!