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Frank Lloyd Wright

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2nd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

Welcome to the 1916 Portland Bungalow! I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something interesting to post here today. I figured it would be best to talk about something that I know a lot about, preferably an area in which I can truly call myself an "Expert". Then it dawned on me...

Gallery of Unfinished Projects

There have been a lot of projects started around here in the past 4 years, but not too many that I can truly call "Finished". Here are just a few things that have fallen victim to the 80/20 rule at the 1916 Portland Bungalow.

This is where our 1948 O'keefe & Merritt stove will go. Now that I finished hooking up the vent-a-hood, this is the last thing before I can call the kitchen done.
Dining Room
The dining room still needs the windows to be finished and the rest of the wainscotting and plate rail installed.
This is how the kitchen sink drains.  Luckily for me the utility sink sits directly below the kitchen sink.  It's been in this 'temporary' configuration for three years now!
No pictures of this, but I have a full run of ductwork that runs behind the kitchen cabinets that isn't hooked up to the furnace yet.

Back Yard
The fence is done being built, but still needs a coat of stain.  Also, the old deck was tied into the floor joists of the addition off the back of the house.  This addition is known as "The Hot Tub Room", because oddly enough, it has a hot tub in it!  It will eventually become a sun porch.
In the near-term, I need to do something with those exposed joists.
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  1. It is truly gratifying to know that unfinished projects unite housebloggers all over world!

    Seriously I know you accomplished a great deal, the dining room does look great, and the built-in is spectacular.

  2. That buffet is a piece of work.

    I would steal it but my house ain't big enough!

  3. Its nice to tie up loose ends sometimes. Takes the pressure off. We lived in Portland for some years and loved the bungalows there. Now we live in Prince Edward Island in a bungalow. There is nothing like them. Cheers, Susan & Neil

  4. Thanks for not being ashamed to show your unfinished work, Joe! We've all got the remnants of projects, but sometimes it's hard to talk about. Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

  5. Oh my! It's true, showing the work-in-progress can be tough, much more satisfying to display the finished project. But I know I've learned a great deal from seeing other people's methods. My wife did dishes out of a bucket for 6 months on one of our previous builds, LOL. No photos of that! BTW Portland is a fabulous bungalow city!