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Frank Lloyd Wright

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exterior Colors Progress

Here's what the Sherwin Williams sample colors look like on some actual trim and a window sash. The trim is Roycroft Vellum, the window sash is Rookwood Red (NOT the Rookwood Dark Red that was mentioned in the previous post on this subject), and the piece of siding is Grizzle Grey. I wasn't sure at first, but as I continue to look at them at different times of day I think we may be very close to having the right colors.

These are the DOG DAYS! Did I mention it's hot?

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  1. Hi Joe! I think you know we used the Rookwood Dark Red - I like it but just so you know, it takes 3 coats (or maybe more!) to get good coverage and make it look un-fuschia. We could have also used a tinted primer... anyways, it has been a bit of a pain because it looks terrible through the first 2 coats until it really starts to darken. I think your red might be a bit mellower, which could help...