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Frank Lloyd Wright

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking at Exterior Colors, Part 3

We managed to get a first cut at a color palette done this evening. We are thinking of going with the following Sherwin Williams colors:

Body: Grizzle Grey (7068)
Trim: Roycroft Vellum (2833)
Accent: Rockwood Dark Red (2801) - This would only be on the window sashes and knee braces
Foundation: Tricorn Black (6258)

Here's a home from the Sherwin Williams color viewer done in this scheme:

I'll run down to the Sherwin Williams store sometime soon and get some swatches and maybe a sample or two. Of course, I'm still interested in feedback, so if anyone has any suggestions keep 'em coming.


  1. Like the scheme but the house is absolutely freightening. Do you think they could get just one more garage door in that design? I think it will look much better on your place.

  2. Looks nice, Joe! You definitely want to test the colors in real life because lighting makes a huge difference and the color visualizers aren't always accurate.

    Since you're using Sherwin Williams paint, if you don't want to buy the $5 Color-to-Go jars of test paint, you can have them send free 8 1/2 x 11 color sheets to you via UPS. You can order more than one sheet too - you get four of your body color and tape them together to make a big poster-sized sheet. Then you can put them up high, down low, and on all four walls of your house - look at them day and night and be sure you like the color no matter what the lighting conditions. The best thing is that you don't have to prime over your test spots afterwards.

    Here is a link to the site:

    If it hassles you about not being an architect or designer, I can place the order for you. The samples are free. Standard shipping is free but takes a week, or you can pay a small fee and get two-day delivery.

    One other piece of advice I have is to stand out on the sidewalk or even across the street when you looking at your test colors to make sure you like them from a distance since that is how most people will view your home.

  3. I went down to the Hollywood Sherwin Williams and got the sample quarts last week. It's soooo true about testing with the actual paint and looking at it from across the street.

    I grabbed an old piece of trim and painted sections of it with the three colors. Looking at it in the sunlight I didn't like it, but I leaned it up against the house and walked down to the sidewalk and it looks so much better. I've been looking at it at various times of the day for the past week and I have realized that the entire front of our house is almost always shaded by something. That makes a big difference in how the colors make the overall house "feel".

    I may order a few of the sample sheets in colors similar to the three I've got to see if I can tweak the palette just a little. I'm pretty happy, but I may want a grey that is just a tiny bit greener, and a white that is a little more ivory than the vellum.