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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking at Exterior Colors, Part 2

Since I'm painting the window sashes I figured it would be a good time to finalize our exterior colors so I can go ahead and paint the sashes while I have them on the workbench. We have a general idea of the palette we want to use on the exterior, but would like some input and suggestions. Stephanie, are you listening? :-)

We are thinking of a medium to dark grey body, with off-white trim and brick-red (or brown or black??) accents, mainly the window sashes. Any color names, manufacturer suggestions, or photos on the web would be appreciated.



  1. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Definitely avoid pure white for trim or anything else. If you get stuck, I know people who have had good results hiring a color consultant.

  2. What I really learned from our professional painter (all new exterior paint on our 1941 house last Fall) was to remember to keep your roof color in mind when choosing.

    I painted at least seven different shades of potential body colors on one wall and stood across the street so I could see how the roof color worked with each and to observe the colors in different lighting.

    Because your roof appears to be a cool gray, you might want to go with a much warmer gray (similar to the house in your Ext. Colors Part 1, post) that doesn't fight with the cool gray roof, then tie in the cool gray with super-dark cool gray or black sashes/accents. I agree with cream/ivory, not pure white, for main trim color. (We used Benjamin Moore's Ancient Ivory.)

    Oh! Also, our painter talked us into painting the stucco skirting a dark bronze to "anchor" the pale lavender house. I balked at first, but he was absolutely right. Painting the skirting the same color as the house doesn't look as good; the skirting must be a darker, earthier color.

    Just my two cents' worth! Good luck!

  3. Joe - Our color scheme (for the shed & the house) are inspired by the book Bungalow Colors: Exteriors (Schweitzer). The red we used is in there. I totally recommend reading/looking through it - it has good tips for making sure your colors are OK with your roof color, etc.

  4. I love dark gray on a bungalow - it was one of the colors we considered, but all of our neighbors homes are gray or beige and we wanted to stand out from the crowd. I agree with the poster above that creamy whites are preferable to bright whites and also agree with the other poster that you have to get out on the sidewalk or even across the street to view your samples to get the best feel for the end result. We've been pleased as punch with the Aura paint by Benjmin Moore (it's pricey, but worth it - email me if you're interested in a discount!) I'd be happy to make some suggestions (which you are welcome to take or leave) but am swamped with work today. If you don't hear back from me tomorrow, feel free to email me a friendly reminder. :)

  5. We just painted our bungalow and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. We used Sherwin Williams Bungalow Gray for the main color- SO warm and changes gray to green depending on the sunlight. Our trim is Roycroft Vellum. We planned on using red on the sashes but changed our mind last minute and went with Andiron which is a dark green. We used that same color on our foundation and it really worked out well. I have had a lot of people stop and compliment us on the colors too. Not sure how to post a pic on here or else I would.
    Good luck!!! Your house is beautiful.