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Frank Lloyd Wright

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seamless Gutter Installation

Today I had the guys from Great NW Gutters out to put new rain gutters on the house. (Thanks to Dawn at Bungalowcious for the referral)  I'm quite happy with the results. 
Porch Roof Gutter
 I chose the steel gutters with the plain white baked on enamel finish, in the 4" K style.  The rafter tails were already notched for this size gutter, so the installation was pretty straight forward.  I had them use straps instead of spikes to mount the gutters, not wanting to put any more holes in the rafter tails.

There were no gutter guards on the old plastic cheapo-gutters.  They had more flora and fauna living in them than my yard!  They were PVC gutters with leaky seams and clogged downspouts.

This is a downspout funnel on the front porch going into the drain.  This should hopefully help reduce the amount of slimy green stuff growing on the porch, making it teflonesque during the rainy months.
You can see the guys did a great job of structuring the downspouts in the back.  Both of these lead into a funnel and into the drain.  I was going to disconnect these from the drain, but their proximity to the future egress window made me think twice.


  1. Looks good and something we need to do one of these days. Our regular old gutters are leaking at the seams.

  2. I'm glad someone used my referrals, even though they don't have "Craftsman" in the name to make them super "cool!" ;)

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Gutters are our next project and we have to get them installed pretty soon. =)

  4. Looks like you’ve chosen a very good gutter installer. The gutters are well installed and the downspouts are properly aligned. Did they also install a flashing for the gutter? It will help a lot for the water to properly flow inside the gutter and to prevent the fascia and sidings from water damage.